When Fear Reigns: Living Your Faith in a Secular World

Let's explore what it means to be a Christian in today's world.


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Lead by Dr. John Parlow & Pastor Ben Workentine

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Dr. John Parlow and Pastor Ben Workentine teach how to live your Christian faith in a secular world!


odyssey2017 - Apple Podcasts

"Dr John Parlow and Pastor Ben Workentine offer a solid, practical approach for a biblical worldview. Their presentations are relevant, historical, and can be easily shared with others. Those who may not know Jesus, or have followed Him all their lives, will thoroughly enjoy a style in this pdocast that mirrors perhaps a conversation Paul may have had with Timothy. My family and I eagerly await new episodes."

RSE6 - Apple Podcasts

"We don't live in a bubble. Christianity is under attack. If you're a believer or ahve had exposure to Christianity or are just not sure, this podcast is for you. I've taken away actionable ideas for living my faith. Plus, the teaching style of the pastors is always thought-provoking. You can really tell they have a depth of knowledge! I've recommended this podcast to friends and family who need this knowledge and encouragement. Thanks for the great content. Keep it up!"

Tiffany R - Facebook

"Highly recommend! Thank you for sharing the TRUTH in love, and equipping us to do the same."

Alicia S - Facebook

"Great, easy to listen to podcast. Great conversarion and content! Thank you for sharing your expertise."

Deb P - Facebook

"Amazing is all I can say!!!! So blessed to have listened to these podcasts and grow in my faith!"

MBC58 - Apple Podcasts

"Thank you Pastors for a wonderful start to a new adventure, it was spoken so all could understand from the young to the older person I am. I'm looking forward to grow in faith and love for Our Lord. May God Bless this new adventure."


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